Tuesday, August 16, 2011

simple foods

 i started the year determined to try new recipes and was off to a pretty good start, but that determination has kind of fizzled out.  maybe it has something to do with it being summer and the days being longer.  i know that doesn't really make sense but by the time we get home from our daily activities it is already just about dinner time and i haven't even thought about what i am going to cook.  i have never been one of those meal planner type of people.  i have been trying (or should i say, 'i had been trying') to be a little better about that.  anyhoo, dinner keeps catching me off guard.  i'm hoping fall will bring about a better dinner menu...ummm, soups...but for now here are a couple of things we have been enjoying... 
 omelets with pepper jack cheese

root beer floats
the bugs are trying to take over our biggest tomato plant but some are still surviving. 
 and more lemons...we really need to plant a couple of trees

hummus and cucumber faces...yes, everything tastes much better when it's a fun picture. 

see, summer brought about simple foods.  

are you a meal planner or do you just figure it out the day of?
anyone have any good meal planning tips ?


  1. oh the humus and cucumbers look so good and COOL.

  2. p.s. my mom got my sewing machine up and running this week! and i still want to send you a photo...just didn't get to it with summer :: hope to now that we are getting back in to a routine! :)


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