Friday, August 12, 2011

milk & cookies

this summer has been going by way too fast.  ella will already be back to school in less than 2 weeks...that's right, less than 2 weeks.  we have been utilizing everyday like it was our last.  full days and late nights has left us all pretty exhausted.  julian usually falls asleep at some point way too late in the afternoon while he is in mid-sentence telling me he is NOT tired.  as much as i want this to be our endless summer, a little more routine will probably do us all some good.
"what are we doing today, mom?" is one of the first questions in the morning.  sometimes it even starts the night before to stall the whole going to bed routine.  either way it is popular one.  i remember asking that same question all summer long as a kid.
 so what has filled our days?
*jumping and splashing around in the waves at the beach
*excusing ourselves at least two times during one movie as we make our way to the restroom during our weekly trips to the movies
*swimming, swimming and swimming a little more...ella is now quite the fish and julian is not too far behind
*wishing we had a small orchard of fruit trees to keep up with our mass consumption of fruit
*getting sick and vowing for myself that i will never go on another spinning ride again in my life
*laughing at our pictures that are shot on the last drop on the log ride
*family game nights
*sunscreen...applying...and reapplying
*the kids perfecting their swing at the many pinatas they have hit, followed by the dive to get as much candy as possible
 *enjoying milk and cookies...these moments when we are able to slow down for just a bit are the times that make my day.  watching ella nibble like a little mouse and making her cookie last a good ten minutes will always amaze me.  i thought i was able to savor something delicious, but she takes it to a new level. julian, on the other hand, doesn't know the meaning of savor.  ahh, i love that these two can be so different.  sitting back and watching them makes my heart swell.  these moments make up for those times when they could argue over anything and everything.
see, the nibbler in action.
i love milk and cookies moments.

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