Monday, August 8, 2011

weekend in pictures

 started out the weekend with one of my favorite things to do...dinner out under the trees and a bonfire.
 our night was filled with silliness and laughter after the kids discovered how to use a small handheld tape recorder with a speed adjustment.  you probably haven't seen one of these in a long time, but it is hours of fun for kids who want to sound like the chipmunks.
 saturday we headed out for a little adventure...griffith park observatory
short drives are the perfect time to talk and reconnect.
 we couldn't pass up a little people watching when we were so close to hollywood

 julian picked out his outfit for the day and was not going to budge. 
 i was so excited about a little vintage market we happened on.  i found the perfect boots for ella but they were a little big.
 so we walked away with our arms full of books
and ready to eat a little sushi.
we finished out the weekend at a fun little birthday party. 

it was a weekend of celebrating and so much fun.


  1. I wouldn't call that birthday party "little."

  2. O my word! I love Julian's fashion sense! It makes me smile when I see little ones wearing outfits that they clearly picked out. If only I could be so bold:) Your kids are beautiful and your pictures are so great Melissa.

  3. Crystal you are so right. Little was definitely not the right word choice.

    Thanks Shawna and I wish I could be as bold as my kids sometimes. Julian got so many comments with that one.


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