Tuesday, August 30, 2011

***yellow butterfly finds***

 i hadn't been to an estate sale in quite a while so when julian and i found one last week i was really excited.  i think i enjoy the hunt almost as much as finding something that i really love.  we didn't find anything really great, but overall i like the items we walked away with.
 this book had a ripped up cover and i almost didn't even look in it, but luckily i did.  i love the illustrations.  this kept julian occupied for a while when we got home.  

 i love the colors of these match books.  this color combo would be great in the kid's room.
 i was kind of on the fence about bringing this camera home with me, but when i discovered that it worked and that it still had roll of film inside, i was easily swayed.  i'm so excited about developing the film.
i almost forgot i got this cute little coin purse.  
ella had already claimed it for herself.  julian also found a homemade tomahawk but i couldn't find it to take a picture of it.  he always complains about going to an estate sale, but it never fails...he always finds something really cool.

the thing i love the most is the yellow butterfly hankies.
they are so pretty and look brand new.

ah, i sure do love estate sales!

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  1. i LOVE estate sales myself! and my oh my, you found some great stuff here =) i especially love that camera!



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