Thursday, September 1, 2011

a deer and a fish...

 last week i made a couple of fun little aprons for a custom order.  custom orders always challenge me a little because usually it is something i have never done before and also because i feel a little pressure.  i want the person ordering to receive something better than what they were expecting.  i love it though.  
this request was a fun one... a girl apron with a deer and a boy apron with a fish.   they are for twins who are turning 4. 
 julian and ella helped me decide what type of deer and fish to put on the aprons.  i did a couple of quick sketches and then i let them pick out their favorite one. 
 i just got a little note from the recipient saying she loves them.  



  1. I bet she does, they are fabulous!! Love the drawings on them, but what I most love is that beautiful floral fabric. Cute designs! The twins will adore their new aprons and probably wear them all day like my daughter did yesterday.

  2. Oh my word! Those aprons are too cute. I may have to order one for Owen once he starts helping me in the kitchen.


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