Saturday, September 24, 2011

going away party...

last week we said bye bye to the roadster.

this was a two year project for andy, building it literally from pieces...
finding one part here and one part there and even making parts that couldn't be found.  
seriously, this isn't something that was ordered from a catalogue and pieced together, these are parts from the thirties (and forties..i think.  i promise i listen andy i just have a bad memory) that have a history and have now converged into one car.  
pretty amazing!!
 i am so proud of him and what an amazing car he built...

the car was scheduled for pick- up last week and we knew we wanted a couple of pictures before it went.  i really wanted some pictures in the canyon, but andy was a little nervous about driving it way out there. 
 i asked ella to go change out of her uniform from school and guess what she decided to wear?.. and guess who wanted to wear his little outfit also???

these guys are way too much...i guess it is kind of fitting since the roadster is headed for japan.  i know these are not japanese clothes...or are they?... i have no idea.  i think they are chinese, anyway they are somewhat fitting.
after some silly pictures, it was time to get the party started...this was our goodbye party after all. 
we had to get this picture of 'the sister' with the car.

this is a '31 roadster which is also known as 'your sister's car'.  

bye bye roadster have fun in japan!!!

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  1. I love how you celebrate and document all of the occasions that are unique and special to your family. You are so talented at capturing the stuff of life.


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