Monday, September 26, 2011

christmas in dixie stockings

last week my friend and i dusted off our sewing machines and cranked out a couple of christmas stockings for the christmas in dixie project for craft hope.  i have not been sewing much lately and i felt a little rusty. 
we were both a little rusty.  
we were sewing things on backwards and cutting holes in the least we were able to laugh at ourselves.  don't worry we fixed all of our mistakes.  

 we were able to get 8 done!! 
 julian and saylor were so good.  i really can't believe we were able to sew as long as we did.  we did have some much needed outdoor time after.
saylor finished out the day with a little yoga.  
yea, for a productive day!!!


  1. Love all the pictures!
    Your little gal is precious :)

  2. Sounds like a fun day ~ mistakes and all :) AND they turned out super cute!


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