Thursday, September 29, 2011

super man and pixie dust...

This boy is so entertaining to observe when he is playing by himself.   
Most of the time he wants me right next to him playing, which is not always easy when I have things that need to get done.  On those rare occasions when I can just listen and watch, I find myself constantly giggling.

Here are a couple of things I heard:

(talking to superman)'I need to sprinkle more pixie dust on you so you can fly faster' 
(a minute later) 'I can still fly faster than you'

  'you need to crawl because you are an army man and you can't walk'
His obsessions with guns is a little scary, but this picture makes me laugh...he has two holsters on his belt with guns(which he put on all by himself)and he is loading another gun.
(after crashing superman into the garage door) 'he probably has a headache now' he says with a little giggle.


  1. Kids are the best and this post is totally sweet!

  2. Haha. You have one imaginative boy. Great collection of toys. :)

  3. so fun. i love listening to the stuff my little man comes up with, too. aren't their imaginations amazing? how to keep that going and not squelch it is the question, huh? ;)


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