Wednesday, October 26, 2011

julian's smoothie recipe

ella was off to school and daddy was off to work and julian had a plan.  
'can we make a smoothie?'

'oh sure, honey, we just need to go grocery shopping because we are all out of fruit.'

'ok, i will make a recipe.'

he can kind of sound out words and he can write most letters, but i know he can not write a recipe, but i thought, oh how cute, as i busied around the house unloading the dishwasher and cleaning up breakfast dishes. 
 he sat at the table so quietly working on something.
i was so busy i didn't even notice that he was still there at the table...and i had definitely forgotten all about the smoothie

'ok let's go, i have my recipe.'

ha, he did make his recipe.
the yogurt tub is the best...see the Y on the side...obviously it's yogurt.
 so off we went...recipe in hand.
so here is:


1 banana
1 apple -cored obviously
1 cup milk (about)
1 cup yogurt - we love Brown Cow's Maple flavor
1 tsp vanilla extract
a dash of cinnamon - he insisted...we made pumpkin bread a couple of days ago
1/4 cup of crushed ice


it was really good.
we faltered just a tad away from his original recipe only because i don't really like oranges in my smoothies and we didn't buy any peaches because the were super pricey and there is julian's smoothie recipe for you.
he drank his and then half of mine.
setting his mind on a smoothie was easy...
deciding which wizard of oz record to listen to was a lot tougher decision.


  1. Goodness Gracious, Julian is too cute and so is his list! Those are the little treasures I just can't bear to throw away.


  2. Wow! Julian is so innovative and clever. I love the pic of him drink straight out of the blender.

  3. I love that my little cousins listen to records! :)


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