Wednesday, October 19, 2011

my dirt magnets

there is one patch of dirt in our front yard where my planter boxes once would never guess the kid's favorite place to play.

ah, you're good!

i have heard mom's here and there talk about how their kid hates dirt or sand and i just couldn't imagine.  julian used to eat sand by the handfuls and both of these guys can't get enough of the dirt.  the other day they were out there for hours.  they were playing so good together without fighting i knew they were up to something so i grabbed my camera.  it wasn't anything too exciting, but they were having so much fun.  they were trying to stuff dirt under the tire and then they would peddle and try to shoot the dirt out in a spray.

eventually someone got upset
who teaches them to cross their arms like this when they get mad??  i have to hold back a smile every time i see one of them do's hilarious to me.

man, julian was really dirty.

he even had marker on his leg from earlier in the day.

yep, these guys are my dirt magnets!


  1. Love these candid shots! I dont know of a kid who really doesn't love to play in the dirt. I know I did.

  2. Hey Melissa, I saw your comment on thelittlebeansprout and came by for a visit. Love your photos. Love the composition and simple moments you capture. Lovely blog. Also loved your about me story. Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed day. aloha, malia

  3. Man, can I relate to this!! Isn't it crazy how fast kids can become covered in dirt? Sometimes mine could use a bath before 9:00am (but of course they don't get one.) ;)

    Glad you stumbled upon my neck of the woods - I'm so glad that I found yours too.



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