Tuesday, October 18, 2011

embroidery hoop hopes...

i have so many embroidery hoops that have been hanging in my craft closet just waiting to be used.  actually, i have quite a few things begging to be used...

i have been in a little bit of a crafting funk. 
 i'm going to blame the weather for that. 
i think part of my problem also is that i lost my little notebook that i use to jot down ideas or to sketch out little projects.  

i just need to start a new notebook.  it really makes a difference for me.

recently i came across a couple of amazing creations that just might pull me out of my funk.  

this is just one of the many incredibly beautiful ones found here.
where is our cold weather??!!!
i want to snuggle under a quilt.
and this one from this etsy shop makes me crave a cold evening out.

for some odd reason this reminds me of an awkward night long ago when the jr high group from our church went on a hay ride...i don't remember any thermoses, but then again my memory isn't the sharpest.

now I just need a quiet evening in to make something pretty...maybe tonight when i snuggle up with andy and rub my cold feet on him, with a hot beverage at arms length while we watch a movie i picked up at the library today.


  1. These are beautiful. I also need to find time for some needlework. I have never done embroidery but I have enjoyed doing cross-stitch and crocheting. I am a new Follower of your Blog. I learnt about it from A Dance For 5 link up party. Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday.

  2. What fun embroidery hoops are. I have very fond memories of using them as a girl for cross stitch projects. Boy I haven't used one in ages!

    I think they are great even for displaying artwork, or even just lovely fabric that you haven't yet had time to make into something else.


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