Monday, October 10, 2011

the wild youth

 our fall weather has disappeared on us again. 
 boots or flip flops? 
 yesderday was a flip flop day.  no rain, no clouds, just warm buttery sunshine.
as much as i really want the fall weather to be here to stay, a sun filled day at the beach is one thing i can't get enough of.  i thought it was going to be a little chilly so i didn't even take swimsuits for the kids...they figured it out.
 luckily i did throw in the sunscreen at the last minute.
 they lathered themselves up and chanted in unison, 'ready, set, go' and that's exactly what they did.
their only stop was to create sand angels which were admired as they ran by to catch a ball.
i sat and soaked in the moment trying to remember every sound and smell that would help solidify the memory of these two wild children living their youth to the fullest.
 i was pulled from my thoughts and my warm sandy seat and we drew 'the world's largest face' in the sand, complete with a mustache and boogers.  man, these guys sure love talking about boogers.  
we made up our own games throwing the ball around and counting to 20.  i wasn't too sure of the rules, but somehow it worked. 
 i finally pulled myself away so that i could watch the endless running and jumping through my viewfinder.    
 eventually all clothes were tossed in the sand and real freedom was experienced.

there are so many days that go by and i know i wouldn't have remembered them if i hadn't had my camera in hand, but then there are others when i know that memory was burned into my heart...

yesterday was one of those days.


  1. What a great time it must have been! Loving all the photos!

  2. Not even close to beach weather here. Is it bad I'm kind of jealous? :) Great memories, the pictures turned out awesome and they sure show all the fun the kids had!

  3. I love kids surrounded by the blue sky and tan sand. Too cool.

  4. darling, darling photos! and cute blog! excited to be a new follower :)


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