Tuesday, October 11, 2011

where are their eyes???

me: hey this is a great wall.  stay here, i'm going to grab my camera.

them (i think): when mom gets back don't look at the camera.

me: hey guys.
me: andy, it looks like you are peeing.

them: ........(nothing...at all)

these pictures made me laugh when i looked at them later.   i wasn't really thinking anything about it at the time...the sun was blaring right behind me and i think they are just so used to me always having a camera aimed at them that they just go on like i'm really not even there.  i'm good with that because i like candid shots way better than posed, but there was not even one picture of half an eye even glancing in my direction.  pretty funny.  
me: hey this is a fun wall also.

ella disappeared somewhere and julian only wanted to jump off the parking curb the other way.
finally a pair of eyes.

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  1. Funny cause my family does the same thing. I will have my husband looking in the sky and my daughter looking at her big brother. OR I will have the opposite thing happen and they will all look at the camera but they all look like dorks..lol I swear it's a planned thing on their part..
    P.S. My husband was walking by while I was reading your blog and he loved your husbands t-shirt;-)


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