Wednesday, November 9, 2011

mix and match - dining rooms

i have been making little mini makeovers in different parts of my house and as of late i have been wanting to do a little something different with our dining room...mostly with our dining room chairs.  

our table was a thrifted find when we moved into our house.  it's a sturdy wooden table with clean lines and it works.  i like that it is pretty big and can easily seat six.  our chairs are wooden ikea chairs that are getting a little wobbly and need a little update.
i have a few ideas...
this whole room is perfect!
love the turquoise at the far end of the room.
 we recently got a huge map and put it in the kid's room, but i think i might need to steal it back out to our living the mix of these chairs.
 love this!!
love the light fixtures!

(all pics via pinterest)


  1. Hi Melissa,
    Your house looks great! I am sure I see things featuring birds!:) I am a bird enthusiast. I also like the butterflies I see on a wall. You have arranged things well. Have a good Thursday.

  2. What great looking inspiration! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  3. Hi Judy, I wish these were pics of my home. I love those butterflies also.

  4. I've also been doing mini-makeovers here and there - it's kinda fun. One of my dreams is to get the perfect dining room table - an old reclaimed wood farm table that can seat six to eight and is perfect for doing homework on. ;)


  5. SO WIERD...I just had a dream last night that you were redecorating your kitchen and dining room! Seriously! I have no idea where it came from!!! Sounds fun...I'm going to start redecorating the girls' rooms soon.

  6. Wish I could say I was redecorating...I have never finished decorating. Not one room in my home and I've been married more than 7 years now! Love your style Melissa. I'm sure it's going to turn out great. Please post your pics.


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