Thursday, November 10, 2011

the reading nook

when i moved ella into julian's room and made the playroom,
i envisioned a play area that was a little more
open and user friendly 
for the kids to play in.

since the move, there have been a couple of changes.
the reading nook has evolved just a bit.
the teepee has been packed away and more pillows have been added.
the space is comfy and a little bigger.
just recently, this space has really turned into a reading nook.
since starting first grade ella has really progressed with reading.  everyday she is reading more and more and i think she is even surprising herself.  i found her reading a book to julian the other day when i snapped these pictures.
you don't even know how happy that makes this mama.
i think the change in weather has also had a little to do with cozying up in this space.
unloading our new library books has been a big draw also.
i still want to make a nice thick mat like one i saw in my friend's house.

i really love this little nook...

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  1. I love the name Julian. It's my brother's name. But everybody and their dog who only speak English mispronounce it. Does that happen to you? Anyhow we have this little corner in the basement for the kids, and I found the cutest ideas on Pinterest on how to transform those spaces with just a simple sheet and some lanterns or Christmas lights. Bet your heart melted when you found her reading to you. I know seeing that among my children has melted mine before.


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