Tuesday, November 1, 2011

not the biggest corn maze

 this past weekend we visited some really good friends who we hadn't seen in a while and had so much fun.  we considered going to the biggest corn maze in california, but opted for the free one. there was a  little bonus at the one we went to and i 'm pretty sure it made up for it not being the biggest one.

warning- there are a lot of pics

 you would never guess what these guys were waiting for...
 our surprise bonus...
that's right - pig races!!!
 such a fun time!!


  1. It's crazy because we just went pumpkin picking at a local farm and there were highly anticipated pig races there too! Seems like we waited forever and then the race was over in a flash.

    These are beautiful pictures - and I do love your little guy's hair. :)


  2. looks like so much fun! we love fall around here :)

  3. Mellissa, You are a great photographer! That was a special day, wasn't it. Love Ya! Mary


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