Wednesday, November 2, 2011

pippi and mr. skeleton boy

(costume details: wig, pinafore, and bags made by me, green t-shirt thrifted, skeleton costume,pippi's socks and boots- Target)

i love making costumes for these guys, but his year julian broke my heart and really wanted this store bought costume.  ugh!! i had to ask myself if this is really about me or them?...  julian got a store bought one, but it was super painful for me to buy it.  i still have hopes for next year and the years to come.

ella is the one with big plans and her confidence in me and what i can make is just a little too much.  her first choice for a costume this year was an ostrich....what?!! right?  i love her creativity, but WHAT?  she is just way too funny and quirky...hey that sounds just like a little girl named pippi.  

i was finally able to drop enough hints and get her convinced that she really would make a great pippi.

she is just like pippi in so many ways. 
 if you haven't seen any pippi movies in a while, do it...she is pretty entertaining!
next year i want to plan something for all of us to wear like when most of us were the little rascals.

i better start planning now!


  1. They are so cute!!!!! You did an amazing job!

    Bela was Pippi once, we love her too!

  2. The Pippi costume is amazing! And the skeleton costume is just as amazing because your son will always remember how his mama let him be a store-bought skeleton that one year when he really wanted to. ;)


  3. What an amazing job you did!! Pippi looks awesome!

  4. I'm glad to see a little girl from this day and age who knows who pippy longstocking is! Adorable.

  5. cutie pies! love them both... XX

  6. Melissa, I LOVE the pippi costume, especially the tights and the hair. your daughter looks so much like you. such fun shots, love it!


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