Monday, November 14, 2011

thrifty finds

 i hit a couple of estate sales and one thrift store late last week and found a couple of things that caught my eye.
 the fan cover...i don't know...yet
loved the color of this little stool.  
i didn't really have anywhere in mind to put it,  
but once i got home it found it's way straight to my sewing table.
i will probably have to make a nice comfy cushion...that thing is cold and super hard.
 i'm a sucker for metal stands and i especially like this vintage circular shaped one.  

i can never have too many wooden boxes.  
the step stool...well, i just needed one.
the fish bowls will become terraniums
like this one.
 the wine corks, well, these are just so many fun possiblities
 (last 5 photos found via pinterest)
is it thursday yet??


  1. Sometimes things just call your name and you have to take them home....can't wait to see what you do with the corks and the fan cover!


  2. fun! i also love your metal trays that you used as magnet boards there above your sewing table. great stuff. makes me want to go thrifting…

  3. Ok, how do you find estate sales? I really need to check some out. I want a bag of corks, too!

  4. Love them!
    Specially the metal stand!!

    I would love.. to find things like that right here!

  5. Yes! yes! yes! Way to go. good finds!


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