Friday, December 2, 2011


It's December!!!!
One day has already slipped by.

So many reasons to love December :

Ella in this hat...
she has worn it to school and to bed...I don't think she will ever take it off
baking Christmas cookies
hearing Julian sing Little Drummer Boy while going potty

decking our halls...done
pretty Christmas lights on houses
making Christmas presents

my birthday!
did I already say eggnog
(I already drank one whole myself...I'm in big trouble)
watching Elf with the kiddos

planning a day trip to a little Christmas town
wrapping presents...yea, I actually love it!
 enjoying family times together

my lists can go on forever but I need to finish my little advent calendar
I know I'm just a little behind

Happy December!!!


  1. Good thing she looks adorable in that hat! I love her outfit too. Your list is full of great things. (I'm trying to act like eggnog doesn't exist....wish me luck.)


  2. ELF is one of our favorites, too. But when it comes to Christmas movies, there's probably 20 I would call my 'favorites'. :o)

    I have NEVER drank eggnog. There is something about the way that word sounds that just turns me off. I have no idea what's wrong with me. Ha!

    BTW - I love your About page at the top. Your family's story is so incredibly sweet!!

  3. holla! christmas spirit is the best, this post pumped it up! xoxo


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