Wednesday, November 30, 2011

diy:party favors

 For my friend's shower last week, I put together these little plant jars. I used them to decorate all over the house and each guest got to take one home as a party favor.  They were super easy to put together and with the ones I have left I have moved around to pretty much every room in the house. 
I love them!

Here is how I made them...
Save all those little jars...different sizes and shapes add more interest.
 Soak them over night in hot soapy water and in the morning the labels will just peel right off.  I used a rough sponge to get off any last bits of glue.
 I planted all succulents so I filled the bottom with some small stones for drainage then planted away.  It was a little difficult planting the really narrow bottles, so keep this in mind when buying your plants. 
Now put those babies all over the house or use them as a sweet little party favor.  
I added this little bow to dress this one up for I just need to do it in real life...sometimes I just wish I could photoshop real life..ha, ha!


  1. Adorable! I've got to start collecting and saving little jars. How fun! Your blog is so cute... I'm happy I found it through your comment.Thank you! xoxo

  2. Cute idea! And I already have a collection of little jars, different sizes and shapes... :)

  3. NOW I know what to do with all those jars we collect and never use!



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