Tuesday, December 20, 2011

diy: sewn envelopes

 so i made our christmas card a not so common size.  
when i was making it i knew it was going to be hard to find an envelope but i wasn't too worried because i had just finished our advent envelopes and they were super easy to make.
i checked a few stores with no luck so i drank some coffee, ate a chocolate bar, and washed it all down with some jolt...ha, ha.
i actually just worked on each step whenever i had about 2 minutes
so here is how i made them...
 i measured out the size to be about double the length of the card plus about 2 inches and about half an inch more than the width...don't get confused.
so long rectangles...make one first to make sure you have the right measurements.
 yea, i used my fabric rotary cutter...it's pretty dull anyway.
 trim two of the corners.  
this is going to be your flap.
this will make it easier for the recipient to get the card out.
i kind of just winged it with that curve...hey, it's handmade right?
 i sewed it pretty close to the edge...maybe 1/8 of an inch from the edge.
 i also used a little glue also.
hopefully you have all of your cards mailed by now, but next year if you feel the need to add one more thing to your plate...maybe not...i may be the only crazy one.

i will probably be using this quite a bit because we like homemade cards..usually they go without envelopes but sometimes it's fun to open a little something.


  1. I'm so happy you discovered my blog because I am LOVINGGG yours. I am currently fascinated by brown paper packages (see my most current blog post) so I love, love the advent calendar you made! So cute!

  2. Oh, I Love these sewn envelopes!
    Lovely idea.

  3. Melissa, these are so great! Perfect for those late Christmas cards. ;)


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