Wednesday, December 21, 2011

forget the tripod...

it was late afternoon going into evening and i, in my always last minute fashion, decided we needed to go take our christmas card pictures...right now!!!  
quick, quick the sun is going down.

i grabbed the camera and tripod and kind of glanced at everyone to make sure we were somewhat decent.

i wanted to take pictures out in peter's canyon but the sun was slipping away too fast.

i love train track pictures but i couldn't remember if there was even any access to the closest train tracks.
we found a little spot where there wouldn't be too many people to see us and freak out.
i went to mount my camera on the tripod and ugh, the little screw was missing.
we were there and it was now or never so the camera went on the tracks and a little rock angled it up...

i love the angle...i think it turned out better than if it had been on the tripod.

this is the card that went out to family and friends...



  1. I love it... it turned out so beautiful!

  2. I also loved the angle! It's amazing you pulled this natural and altogether lovely picture off so last minute! Great call! :)

  3. BEST picture ever!! don't you love when the ones you don't think will turn out are AMAZING!! merry christmas!

  4. WOW, this photo is just perfect!

  5. Love the card!! Thanks for sending one our way! :)


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