Friday, January 6, 2012

2011 recap

for christmas i made a calendar for all of the grandparents and great grandparents. 
 they love pictures of the kiddos and i knew they would love seeing these cute faces every month.
i had fun going through pictures from the past year, but as usual i was running low on time and i didn't even go through about half of our pictures.

i did make a a couple of variations for each month because i couldn't decide.
i thought i would share it as a fun recap of the past year.
downtown fullerton

a cold beach day

 (pics by my friend anji)



 catching tiny frogs - julian's b-day month

 camping trip with the family

  ella's photo booth b-day party

 end of summer beach bonfire

 corn maze

 falling leaves

hiking on a cold cold day

i think i will have to make these every year...
all of the grandparents and great grands loved them!


  1. They are fantastic! Love them a lot. How did you make them? Did you get the pages bound? I also wonder if you used actual photos or printed the pages off. So many questions! Sorry, but I'd love to make them this year. Such a neat idea.

  2. hey sarah, thanks so much...I created the pages in photoshop and then printed them on a heavy pearl card stock. then i just hole punched 2 holes at the top and pulled a pretty ribbon through to hold them together and for hanging. i am going to print one off for myself also. thanks again. hope this answers your questions. if you have any more ask away.

  3. Love love love what you did with the pictures and calendars. Panama?? wow how fun!! Is that where you are from? Neighbor :)

  4. That's amazing! I love this idea - it turned out so great and so special.


  5. Hey Vivian, no we are not from Panama...just went there to vacation, surf and visit a friend. Loved it though!!!

  6. MELISSA! This is perfectly adorable.


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