Monday, January 9, 2012

Summer in january

january is a fresh start for the new year.  
the last couple of days i have been reorganizing and cleaning out little areas in our home....i'm attacking one cupboard and one closet at a time.

i think the bug started with packing up christmas decorations.  

i have quite a few things on my list for this new year and repainting pretty much every room in our house is where i am going to start.

this summer weather we are enjoying is definitely helping with my big plans!


  1. We just got back and I would have to totally agree: Summer in January! It made our vacation even more memorable. I just wish it wouldn't only be a vacation. You are so lucky to live by the ocean :)

  2. It's been summer here too - well, spring at least - and I love it!


  3. It sounds and looks nice! :)
    It is winter here. But it is ok, because I like winter (too). ;)


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