Wednesday, January 11, 2012


 most mornings if we can't find ella in bed she is in the play room drawing. 
when i first set up their play room i put most of their art supplies on the shelves and it was kind of hard for the kiddos to get to them.
a couple of months ago i set up the craft table with just a couple of supplies and that was all she needed.
everything is now easily accessible.
 in a basket on the table there is also a stack of paper.
the trash bucket is just a large coffee canister with a patterned paper taped around it.
 i love this little gift she made for yoshi...our sweet little pooch.
yoshi couldn't wait for her special gift...can't you tell
 the note read:

'heart' EK to Yoshe 
girl.  it is jus a list 
for you Yoshe
I brot u a gift
I hope you wil lik
it Yoshe girl.

too sweet!
i love that she loves to give most of her drawings away to someone.
i like to use them on homemade cards when we give a gift.
this 'rander show' drawing is one of my favorites
i set up above the craft table a spot to display some of their drawings.  
most are just taped to the wall with pretty washi tape.


  1. Oh my your display and her work!

  2. I love her sweet drawings! And I really need to get some washi tape already!



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