Friday, February 17, 2012


last week we headed to the beach on a whim and it was the perfect time to catch all of this beautiful buttery light.  
the day was such a clear day we could see catalina and san clemente island.

the kiddos did there thing- running, climbing, chasing, exploring, building and having fun.
(i really wish i would have had ella change out of her school uniform but i guess these pictures just document our life.)
i did my thing- chasing these crazy energetic kids and the light with my camera.
andy did his thing- surfing...on just 2 fins.
when we got to the beach and he was all suited up he realized he was missing one of the screws to a fin.  that didn't stop him, ha, ha. 

i'm always amazed at how quickly the light changes and how different pictures look that were taken just minutes apart.

i love it! 


  1. That light! So beautiful - my favorite time for taking pictures. Looks like the perfect way to end the day!



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