Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I smiled...

 the other day I was busy inside and I heard the motorcycle start up.  

when you have a husband who builds cars and motorcycles and pieces rare rusted parts together with handmade pieces into a machine that actually starts up and runs, 
it is a BIG deal 
when you hear one start up.

I rushed outside and Andy was already down the street, 
the kids were jumping on bikes and scooters and shouting excitedly about the 'moto' and daddy
and that was about all that I caught as I watched them rush after their daddy.

I smiled...

I smiled at their excitement
I smiled because not only was the motorcycle running
but Andy was also riding it
I smiled at the way our kids wanted to follow their daddy
I smiled at the wild bunch we must look like to our neighbors

I smiled as I ran in to get my camera
 Andy is one of the most modest people I know when it comes to his talents.

he is pretty incredible.
(sorry babe I know I'm embarrassing you right now but hey, you are pretty incredible.)

I love watching the cars and motorcycles take shape as he builds them.
I'm always amazed that the pieces that arrive at our house in various boxes can be pieced together and fabricated to make a something so beautiful when it's completed.

 more than this, I love watching the way our kiddos love their daddy.
I love this picture of Ella imitating what her daddy is doing. 
melt my heart!

I love that Andy has a special way of connecting to each of our babies
 when I am completely clashing with them.
he has a way of making them laugh when they were just on the verge of tears.

I pray for Ella and Julian and who they will become as adults.
my biggest prayer for them is that they will know their God and His unconditional love for them.
I'm happy to have Andy by my side raising our babies
into the beautiful people God intended them to be.
I'm thankful that even though we are not perfect parents,
we have a God who's love is perfect and complete.


  1. What a beautiful how you document life's moments. I was so excited to see your comment on my blog as I have been seeing yours courtesy of Danielle...@ Changing Lanes. I truly enjoy the beauty and love your work captures!

  2. Great pictures of your family! I just passed on the sunshine award to you. :)

  3. Love your beautiful thoughts and that motorcycle is super cool!

  4. Such a lovely post! And these photos... So beautiful!!

  5. This post made me smile too! It's a very special thing to be raising your children with a man you love and admire. ;)

    p.s. love the bike!


  6. I love the picture of Andy and your daughter "learning" from him how to fix her bike.


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