Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Project !!

 We went on a short little road trip this past weekend and brought home
 a new project for Andy!!

This car was used on an apple farm for carrying crates of apples way back when.
With anything vintage and antique I always try to imagine the life of that object.
 Then I start to imagine what Andy is going to turn it into. 
He has an eye for these old cars and all of the details that go into them.

I wonder if this one will stick around until this little guy is old enough to drive it.
 These guys had fun relaxing under a tree and getting a whole bottle of gatorade to themselves...this was a real treat because this never happens.

 We also went to a snowman birthday party this weekend and the kids had so much fun with all of the creative games and craft.  I forgot my camera and was recruited to take pictures with my cousin's camera so I only got a couple of pics with my phone.  I really wish I had my camera.  My cousin always makes all of her kid's parties so fun and magical.  The kids had a snowball (white sock balls) fight complete with forts (big cardboard boxes) for each team, and a game of pin the carrot nose on the snowman.  
There was also snow cones and a marshmallow snowman craft. 
 I think the birthday boy enjoyed his snowman themed party.
I know my kiddos had a really fun time!!
A couple of extra pics just because...
 Glow sticks make bath time so much fun!!


  1. Can't wait to see what he turns this into! Fun fun pictures!

  2. The old car is so... Cool!!

    Snowman party sounds like a great fun! Great job, Melissa's cousin! :)

    The last two photos are beautiful. The second photo (from the bottom up) - I think it's perfect!

  3. Wow - that IS quite a project! The transformation is going to be amazing - can't wait to see the process.


  4. Hey Meliss. Thanks again for posting pictures of the party. It eases some of the pain of not being there. I especially miss Vonnie's parties. I got to skype with them later that evening. I laughed when the birthday boy told me the theme.:) It's snowing here and we can make a real snowman, if it wasn't 18 degrees outside!


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