Monday, February 27, 2012

recently...according to my phone

a little home decor...

part of the painting I made for Andy-we are always longing to travel especially when we just get home from a trip
some valentines day decorations Ella and I made out of hearts cut from the Trader Joe's mailer and then we sewed them together 
 a bike ride with my boy...

he found this little hill a couple of streets over from us and he was happy to just go up and down it for the next half hour.
 some recent finds...

I found this pretty pillow at an estate sale (I get so excited when I find a pillow that has a removable cover)
we picked this old gas pump when we picked up Andy's latest project.
 laundry folding...

I'm not sure if my little helper is helping too much...
he has fun just messing around trying to hide in the clothes
 on a hike at Peter's Canyon this past weekend.
 at the top of Big Red...there is this really big hill with red dirt that people call Big Red.  last weekend the kid's and I conquered Big Red no problem.
this past weekend the kid's wanted to do it again and take daddy along for the experience. 
 the sun was just setting and the air was cooling quickly.
near the end of the hike I took a deep breath and was overwhelmed with how happy I felt.

fresh air and family time is my perfect combination


  1. aww this post is adorable :)
    i really love it!

  2. Any kind of hills, steps, stairs, are the highlight on our walks too! :)



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