Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DIY: old tie into 2 new bows

bows are fairly simple to make but I like to cut corners and save time any chance I get...who doesn't right?

well here is a way to repurpose an old tie and make two new bows with very minimal sewing.  
I suppose you could do it a no sew way with just fabric glue but I have a hard time waiting for glue to dry.
here we go...
1. get yourself an old tie 
2. cut about an 8-9 inch section that is about the same width.  
(Some of those old 70's ties really get fat and it is hard to find a part that is the same width)
most ties have an extra piece in the middle to help the tie keep it's form- pull that piece out.
3. fold the piece in half with seam side on the outside, or right sides together and sew.
4. flip right side out
5. cut a small piece of fabric about 2 inches by 2 inches and sew along one edge right sides together. inside out...this is going to be the piece that goes around the center of your bow.
6. wrap piece around the center of the bow and pull as tightly as you can and sew. (TIP- I usually move the needle position towards the outside to sew closer to the bow)  
you can try to flip that piece so that the seam is on the inside but it's a real pain and I it won't even show when it is worn.
7. ella likes to wear headbands lately 
so I just slide the bows on and off and that way she can change them whenever she wants and she only needs a couple of different actual headbands.
these can also be attached to clips or pretty much anything with fabric glue.

here is the second style of bow you can make with that same old tie...
it is made pretty much the same way except using the skinny side of the tie. I also used a much longer piece to make a long skinny bow.  
this bow was made with a pice about 16 inches long.
there you go...
pretty easy, right?


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