Tuesday, April 24, 2012


lately i...

*  have had sewing had been on my mind.  i made a pair of pants for myself...ha, ha, they will be 'around the house pants'.  i was inspired by these and mine turned out just a little too tight at the hips, think very 70's when you imagine them.  i will try another round at them.  i made the dress above for the little miss and she loved it.  it's super lightweight and perfect for a warm sunny day.

*  finally joined in on the pinning and can we just say amazing...i have no idea why it took me so long to join in.  no more trying to bookmark and remember where things are...i love it!!

*  started doing a workout video my mom loaned me.  yes, my mom.  she is the workout queen.  i remember when i was little she was always doing her jane fonda workout videos...ha, ha, any one remember those?  this video is kicking my booty. i have been so sore and i have realized that i am not coordinated at all.  i'm sure i would be pretty entertaining to watch... julian finds it pretty funny.

*  have been knee deep in dirt helping my mom do a little change up with their landscaping...i really love planting new plants. in a weird way it is relaxing for me.

*  have been making a lot of different smoothies...banana, peanut butter, TJ's vanana yogurt, and flax seed is my current favorite.

* planning out a little change up in our backyard

*have found some inspiration here...sewing, photography, kid activities, blogging and projects

have a happy tuesday!!


  1. Haha...my mom used to do Jane Fonda workout videos too!! ;)

    And isn't Pinterest the BEST!?!

  2. What a sweet blog you have! And your daughter is a doll!

  3. Hi Melissa! Thanks for stopping by The Stitchy Life and saying hello! I'm excited to scour your cute Etsy shop! And Jane Fonda- hahaha.... yes I like to take step classes at the gym cause I have a weird thing for coordinated dancing! Strange I know and step is totally 80s/90s (my mom used to have one at home with a work out video! See ya around! Following along

  4. You've made this dress? wow! Lovely dress.
    And she is so cute with this mischievous smile. :)

    I prefer to workout outside, but I should probably start doing some workout videos, too. And this would be funny!! :D

    And smoothies... I've just posted one. :) Love them.

    I wish you a wonderful Wednesday!

    1. I prefer working out outside also, but I feel like I need a kickstart. I like running on dirt trails.

  5. Hey Meliss. haha...Jane Fonda...my mom and Tia Mary did them all the time at the apartments in Anaheim. My sis and I still remember the songs. Those were the good ol' days. :) So glad you found pinterest! See you in July!


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