Thursday, April 19, 2012

pizza night!

i love pizza!! LOVE it!!

we have homemade pizza here at home about once every 2 weeks...probably more.
it's easy, yummy, not too bad for you and the kid's love it also.

trader joe's pizza dough is just another reason why i love that store.  i have thought once or twice about making my own dough, but that would just be silly of me.  i have a trader joe's right down the street from me and it is so good.

if you haven't tried it, go try it and then come back and thank me.
my favorite is the herb dough.
the key to this dough is let it sit out for a bit before making your pizza.  i let it get back to about room temperature.
pizza night is a good time to throw in a bunch of veggies.
spinach, mushroom, and olives
tomato, mushroom and olives


  1. We love Trader Joe's crust too! Have you tried their pizza sauce? You should! And add a plentiful amount of crushed garlic. It's wonderful!

  2. I don't know what we would do without Trader Joe's! I love their crust too - the garlic and the whole wheat. Their frozen cheese-less pizza is surprisingly good too!


  3. I love pizza! I could probably eat pizza every day and be okay with that.
    And your pizza looks really good! :)

  4. looks really yummy... now i am thinking about pizza night, lol

  5. looks really yummy... now i am thinking about pizza night, lol

  6. You're making me hungry! They look so good. I have used Trader's dough...agreed yummy!

  7. ooo great family meal! agreed on the dough, why make it when you can spend time on the best part. toppings.

  8. I use Pioneer Woman's pizza dough recipe. It is surprisingly quick and easy. I don't have TJ anywhere near me here in Texas so I kinda have to make my own.

    1. gotta love pioneer woman...i don't think i have made anything from one of her recipe's that i haven't loved!!

      maybe i will get the courage to try it.


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