Tuesday, April 17, 2012

sweater makeover

now that it is getting hot i finally got around to doing a little makeover on a sweater i got a while back at an estate sale. 

 i loved the knitted pattern of this sweater.
 i knew i wouldn't wear it but i bought it anyway.  
initially i had plans to make a little bag or or pillow cover, but then i decided to try to make a mini version for ella.
 i took some pictures of her in it before i added the velvet ribbon to the other side.  
it just didn't look finished with it only on one side.

here is how i made it
i used one of ella's sweaters as a size guide. 
i used my serger on the bottom of the sweater and sewed the trim on.
for the trim along the opening i just hand stitched a velvet ribbon on it.
this was the perfect cover up for a couple of little stains.
it's ella approved!!


  1. Great makeover! You did an awesome job! I like how you explained your process.

  2. thanks Ana and Mandi !!
    this was a fun one for me.

  3. I'm envious of your sewing abilities! :) The sweater turned out adorable!



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