Wednesday, April 18, 2012

for the record...

this is my boy!

i love this one eye look so's julian at this stage in his's my 4 year old julian and his love for 'shooter guns'.  for some reason, his little wrinkled brow always reminds me of a puppy.  i'm so happy i captured it in this picture.  there are so many little things i don't want to forget.

the other day i was backing up some pics on my external hard drive and since i had it hooked up i couldn't pass up looking at some old pictures and movies.  julian and i sat and looked at picture after picture.  we started at his birth and went all the way through his toddler years.  two hours later, i found myself wanting another baby and realizing that there were so many little details that i had forgotten about.
this is why i love photography so much!!
so for the record, i have his one eye aiming look captured.

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  1. How sweet - love that look of his! I know how you feel - going back to look at baby pictures or just pictures from 6 months ago is bittersweet. And yes, it can make you want another one! ;)



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