Friday, April 13, 2012

treasure hunting!!

i haven't been to any estate sales for a while.
i have been trying to exercise a little self control.
so that all ended after last week.  
a friend was over on saturday and wanted to go to an estate sale.  we went to one that was pretty much over when we got there but she found some cute little vintage Bell jars.
i didn't find anything but the itch was back.  
yesterday we just happened to meet up at the park with my sister-in-law and the kiddos and there just happened to be an estate sale around the corner from there, so of course i just had to take a little peek.  
i can't thank my sister-in-law enough.  she offered to watch the kiddos while i roamed around.  
going kidless to an estate sale is a completely different experience.

i found some vintage christmas decorations, a couple of scarves, a book, and a graduated cylinder...i think that's what it's called.
i'm such a sucker for vintage books.  we really need our own small library.  the illustrations are just perfect.
the christmas decorations, well, i can't wait to decorate with these, eek!!  the bulbs will probably go in a glass jar and all of the little wooden ornaments can decorate one of our mini trees.
i have had my eye out for beakers and graduated the look of them in a home.

love it all!!


  1. I wouldn't be able to have ANY self control if I went to an estate sale that had all this stuff. So awesome! Great finds.

    - Sarah

  2. LoOove your finds!!
    I love vintage (I've just posted 'a vintage post'. :))

    Right?! :)

  4. Oh what great finds! I tend to have no self control when it comes to estate sales!

  5. I absolutely LOVE vintage books - especially children's books! What great finds!


  6. aghhh those little ornaments are the sweetest! i want a tree decorated with exactly those and little things made by the kids :)


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