Friday, June 15, 2012

the best view...

some pictures from my phone.
love the one with the two gammies hanging out at the beach.  they were so cute.  they thought it was hilarious that i wanted to take their picture.
i hope i'm still hanging out at the beach like that when i'm their age.

ellas's last day of school was yesterday...yippee!!
right now we are...
~working on our summer list of activities we want to do - my favorite on the list so far is to make  homemade ice cream!! YUM!! (we printed this list)
~excited that ella put surfing on our activity list - yes, please!
~eating omelets in the afternoon - spinach and feta cheese is my current favorite
~looking forward to a relaxing weekend
~daydreaming about a vacation
~making ice tea - i think this will be on our weekly rotation this summer

have a great weekend celebrating the dads!!

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