Wednesday, June 13, 2012

summer sewing inspiration

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i have the sewing bug right now and i have learned that i need to sew when i feel like it because i might not feel like it tomorrow.  that is exactly what i did yesterday. 

 ella is in need of new shorts and i was inspired by the last pic so even though dinner needed to be started i sat down for a few minutes and cut out the fabric.  i finished them up last night when we got home and i love them.  i will share them after i get a picture of them.  
when ella saw the fabric i picked yesterday she said she didn't like it.  
i was bummed but i knew they were going to be cute.  this morning she was up and dressed before i even woke up and guess what she had on...yup, she had her new shorts on!!! 
she said she loved them.

just what i needed to get motivated to sew a little more.


  1. You always make me wish I could sew! I love all of the inspiration you picked out - I want all of it in my size!


  2. Those shorts are too cute. I'm sure yours are just as cute, looking forward to seeing your version!


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