Friday, June 22, 2012


 Yesterday was a very big day for one special little mister.
He turned
I look at this sweet little face and I can see his little newborn face starring back at me.
Five years...that just doesn't seem right.
It seems like it was just yesterday...

that I was juggling a newborn and trying to potty train a 2 yr old
that I was trying to wean my big 16 month old baby
that this sweet boy would get so upset and cry so hard that he would hold his breath and pass out (so glad he outgrew that one)
that I was always smiling after hearing his contagious deep belly laughter
that he would attack me with his big wet slobbery kisses all over my face

It's been five years that we have been able to enjoy such a sweet thoughtful boy.
There is just so much to love about him.
He is a little shy yet very courageous.
He will always take the time to shout out a 'hi' to any of our neighbors that he sees.
He wants everyone around him to be happy.
He will be the first to share a toy or any food.
He still loves to give lots and lots of kisses and hugs.
He is smart and so articulate.
He loves to read books and is always reading any words he sees around him.
He is so funny and makes me laugh everyday

We kept asking him what he wanted for his birthday and his answer was
'I don't want anything, I will just be happy to be turning five'
He really is unbelievable.

We LOVE  you Julian!!


  1. What a sweet and wonderful boy you have! Happy Happy Birthday, Julian!


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