Thursday, September 27, 2012


it's been a while, but we are still here

i took a little break this past summer so that i could spend as much time as possible with my littles.  julian started school this fall and i was really having a hard time knowing i was not going to have either of them at home with me.
6 hours of school is a long time.

this summer felt a bit monumental in so many different ways

we celebrated 3 birthdays

 Julian turned 5
Andy turned 25...ha
and little miss Ella turned 7.

a tooth was lost
ears were pierced
ear rings removed

new glasses aquired

 a pool was put in

we mourned the loss of our pup

and Julian started school!

we are all adjusting to so many new changes.  
swimming until the sun sets is a big part of almost every day!!

i miss hearing little feet following me everywhere I go, but running into Trader Joe's on my own is pretty easy.

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