Monday, June 11, 2012

she was our lovey...

so it has been a little while and life continues to be busy, but my heart stopped and broke a couple of weeks ago and i have been stuck in a limbo with such a heavy weight on my shoulders.  our sweet Yoshi girl was really sick and we had to put her to sleep.  i held her as she took her last breath and tried with all of my heart to push away her fear and pour my love over her, but a piece of my heart died that day with her.
 a couple of weeks before she passed away we had all been out in the backyard working in the yard and we took a couple of family pics just because and i am so thankful we did.  they remind me of how our life was with her.  she always wanted to be in the mix with us.  she was happy just leaning against a leg or putting a paw on one of our feet.  these are some of my favorite pictures with her.
everyone tells me that time will heal my broken heart and that it will get easier, but i still hear the click of her nails walking through the house and her sighs as i lay awake at night.
my first thought when i get home and walk through the door is of my sweet girl and then the silence reminds me that she isn't there.  i can still smell her stinky breath.  
when i close my eyes i see her gentle eyes.

she loved us well.  i wish i had one day to give her all the love that she deserved.
she was our sweet girl.

(yoshi and ella 2005)

we miss you girl!


  1. This is so heartbreaking! I'm sorry to hear about your pup :(
    Time will heal and memories will last.

  2. I am so so sorry for your loss, Melissa. Their selflessness, loyalty, and unconditional love are what make pets so easy to love and so hard to lose. They are such big part of what make a house a home and life just feels incomplete without them. Yoshi seemed so happy to be a part of your family and was a very lucky girl. It's been 4 months and I still get teary-eyed about Giselle every once in a while, but, you're right, time will ease this loss mend your broken heart. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. I am so sorry for you loss. It breaks my heart to read your post. She was a beautiful dog.

  4. What an adorable family you have! Love these images to bits.

  5. Oh, Melissa - my heart is sad with you. I wish I had a magic cure for this sadness but at the same time, this sadness is okay. It has a purpose. It needs to be felt now and then in time, it will recede. (just my two cents....)

    I love these wonderful photos!


  6. 6 years ago we had to put our dog to sleep.
    It was probably one of the hardest moments in my life... I still remember as
    if it was yesterday.
    He is and will always be in my heart.
    And now I'm crying...


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