Friday, September 28, 2012

toilet paper toss & hot dogs

look at those eyes!
they melt me!

the annual school carnival

it's pretty amazing how easily entertained kids are.  
they really don't need much.

 easy ups and home made games were just fine in the kid's book.  
I think they had just as much fun as they did at the OC fair...maybe even more

watching my kids full of excitement as they throw a ring over bottles gives me a satisfaction I never knew before becoming a parent.

there wasn't much for andy and I at the carnival, 
it was hot and the music was terrible, 
but as we walked in the door at home with our filthy feet,
 I smiled and sighed a happy sigh.

it was a fun night together as a family.
I enjoyed just watching the kids have fun.


  1. I loooove Ella's glasses! So adorable! Welcome back...I'm way behind on blogging. I should've just taken the summer off, too!

  2. Fairs and carnivals are really one of my fave late summer things to do! Being there with your kids really makes it new again.



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