Wednesday, November 21, 2012

mini teepees

We were going to make a pilgrim and indian village but once we made the little mini teepees the kids wanted to set up the village and forgot all about the pilgrims.  

The teepees were really quick and easy to make.
This is how we made ours:

1. Cut a  9" X 11" piece of brown construction paper in half width wise.
    (You could make bigger teepees without cutting it in half)

2. Put a little bit of glue with a glue stick along one edge and corner.  If you roll the piece of paper into    a cone you can see where to place the glue.

3. Roll the piece of paper into a cone and leave a small opening on the top to glue some twigs into.  Press along edge and corner where the glue is.

4. Trim the two corners that are pointing down so that the teepee can sit flat on the ground.

5. Decorate with markers.

6. Break a twig into 5 or 6 small 2 inch pieces.  Hot glue pieces in place.

Have fun creating a little village!


  1. I would probably forget all about the pilgrims too - I love these teepees!


  2. These are so cute!! I think we'll try to make these, too. :)


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