Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chasing an adventure

 Hello spring and thank you time change.  
We now have beautiful warm afternoons and plenty of sunshine to chase an afternoon adventure.

Ella and Andy sped ahead while I coaxed Julian along.  
He rode on my back for a while.  I could feel his warm breath on my neck.  
"Go faster mom, I can't see them anymore".  Easy for him to say. 
The trail became narrow and steep.  His forty pound weight was too much.  
He hopped off and started up in front of me.  A minute hadn't passed before he decided he couldn't do it.  
It was STEEP! I helped him up a big rock almost as big as him.  We made it up.  
"You're like a mountain lion!"
 That's all it took.  He was off on all fours...hands and feet, not knees.  He scaled the steep trail without anymore hesitation.  Sometimes getting a little creative with our words is all it takes.
Even when the trail leveled off a little, he still wanted to continue on all fours.  

   I sat there staring into the water looking for the frog.  We had seen him in the same spot a couple of other times and I knew he would be there.  The murky water all looked the same.  I scanned the water back and forth.  I couldn't find him.  Ella walked over to my little quiet corner after throwing a couple of rocks in another part of the pond.  
"Wow, look at that big frog!" she said as she walked up.
WHAT?  I don't know how she spotted him so easily.  
There he was, just a couple feet out into the pond right in front of me.  
He sat there staring at us.  Eventually he hopped away and when he did we realized just how big he was.  He was bigger than a large grapefruit.  

New trails and old frogs. 
This was exactly what we needed!

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