Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Like father, like son

This is Julian's spring school picture.  
Spring pictures? 
 I'm pretty sure we didn't have fall and spring pictures taken when I was a kid, 
but it is kind of fun to see how much change happens in just that amount of time.

So here is the story.  The kids wear uniforms to school, so getting dressed is pretty easy...most of the time.  Sometimes there is a little discussion about not wanting to wear pants when it is raining or wanting to wear the same skirt over and over and we only have 2 of them, but for the most part uniforms have made our morning routine a little easier.  

I had a nice dark blue v-neck sweater picked out for Julian for his school picture and I told him he could wear any t-shirt under it and he could even wear shorts.  I told him right after the pictures, he could take his sweater off.  I knew his class was going first so he wouldn't have to wear it for very long.  
That's a good deal, right?
Not so much, I guess.  There was crying and a whole lot of tears, that would not stop.  YIKES!!
I let him pick out his outfit for his fall pictures so I really wanted him to wear the nice v-neck sweater for this picture.  Twenty minutes later after a solid cry fest and not coming out of his room, I stooped pretty low and finally bribed him.  He got a piece of candy and I got him into the car with his v-neck sweater on.  By the time we got to school the tears were dried and he was a happy camper.  

After school, as we were walking to the car, I asked the kids how their pictures went.  Julian told me he  had taken off his sweater. 
 "After your picture, right."
He looked at me and kind of giggled.
"No, before the picture.  My neck got way too itchy for me to keep it on."

Oh my, what a little stinker.  When I told Andy he reminded me that he had done the same thing in Kindergarten.  His mom had picked out a sweater for him to wear and he had taken it off before his picture.  He had his school picture taken in his soccer jersey.  
Why was I so surprised Julian took his off?

This picture will always make me laugh: that cheese smile, the writing on his hand, and the Smurf's - priceless.  A Smurf's shirt??!!!
He couldn't have picked any other t-shirt?  I'm just happy the writing at the bottom of the shirt didn't show.  It says, 'I'M AWESOME!' 

It's a good thing you are a little cutie, Julian.

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  1. You're definitely going to have to order that one! Such a great story:)


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