Thursday, November 26, 2009

Irish Crochet Rose

This is what my craft table (dining room table) looked like when I went to bed last night...and, uh, still looks like. I hate when I do that.
At least a little girl will have something to wear today.
I made this dress by blocking one of Ella's dresses that fits her pretty good and just altering it a little. I put the closure in the back and made it long sleeves. I also left a raw edge on the bottom then added one more layer of fabric slightly gathered. I found a pattern on how to make an Irish crochet rose in my Good Housekeeping Needlecraft book and I knew this would be the perfect finishing touch on a rather simple dress. So easy and so cute! My mind is already racing with what I can do with these.
I just wish I could make a pair of these real quick. I'll take a pair for myself also. LOVE them!
Off to start on my to do list:
*Clean up my huge mess
*Trader Joe's for a couple missing ingredients
*Start Zucchini Cheese Soup &
*Pumpkin Bread Pudding
*Finish Thanksgiving Craft with kids
Just need to add our leaves with what we are most thankful for this year.
*Finish soup and bread pudding
*Clean kitchen
*Uncle Ed's house
*Papa and Nana's house
*Be thankful for all we have


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