Thursday, January 14, 2010

Goals Part 3...this is a big one

So I have undertaken a new challenge for the year 2010. Last year my husband did not buy any clothes, new or old, for himself and would not let me but him anything either. Why, you may ask. Well, we are a society of excess. Everyone has enough clothes to probably last 10 long as there is no drastic change in size, pregnancy, eating a lot of donuts, etc. It was a personal challenge for himself and I am going to join in this year. OK, so I already bought a pair of pants, but that's it. That's it. I am committed now. I will make a little exception to the rule though. Handmade and thrift stores are not off limits. I am actually a little excited thinking about it. I have been wanting to sew more clothes for myself, so this will push me to reach that goal. They go hand in hand. I was also challenged by dottie angel's personal challenge. I just can't commit to that undertaking quite yet. For now I will spend the next eleven and a half months having fun in thrift stores and sewing up some cute little number...hopefully. I will also continue to look at these pretty little things from Anthropologie.

Now I need to go work on this project I started a while back and still have not completed. Christmas has come and gone and my 9 squares still sit waiting for their friends. I have finally figured out how to connect them. Thanks dottie angel.

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