Friday, January 15, 2010

a little fabric magic

I started this project a little while back...months ago. I wanted to try to do a real embroidery picture. Read - an embroidery picture that will take a long, looooooong, long time. The bottom one in the picture above did not take long at all. I started next on the bird. WOW! Those women who used to do huge embroidery pictures are insane. Way too much work for me. I'm more of a small project, instant gratification type of girl.
So this lonely bird sat unfinished on my wall. Everytime I would think about finishing it I would find something else to do. Believe me, those times I would even think about it were pretty much, uh, never after months of avoiding it. I hate feeling like I'm avoiding a craft project. I craft because I love it and have fun while doing it.
Well for some unknown reason yesterday, I walked in the door and all I could see was my lonely bird. I was over the embroidery. My solution - fabric. I LOVE FABRIC!!!
A couple of leaves cut from some fabric I love and my sad, forgotten project was done.

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  1. What a great idea. This is sooo pretty.

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