Tuesday, February 2, 2010


This sweet girl loves soup also. She just can't have too much because the sodium makes her retain water weight. No, not really, but she does drink an insane amount of water when she eats our table scraps.
I have tried these two soups from The Pioneer Woman and wow this is now my go to site for new recipes. So tasty. These are not low in fat but seriously sometimes you just go for it...even if you are trying to get rid of after-the-holidays problematic areas. I did do a little tweaking to the butter and heavy cream content and they were still so amazing.
Cauliflower Soup
Even the kids were asking for seconds.
Oh, and the best thing about these recipes is she has pictures for each step so it's very helpful to us visual people.
Sherried Tomato Soup
One of my new favorites.

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