Thursday, February 4, 2010

Soft and Squishy

I'm on a quilted blanket kick that's for sure. After going through my tiny sized scrap pile of fabric and making a small square quilt, I decided to go through my pile of slightly larger pieces and realized I could make a nice little blanket for Ella. I decided to dig up her worn with love receiving blankets from when she was a baby and incorporate them into the mix.
I made 4 large rectangles out of 4 pieces of fabric, then used long strips for in between and along edges. The back is a large piece of soft micro corduroy fabric that used to cover a chair in Ella's room. This turned out to be such a nice thick squishy blanket, perfect for cuddling up.
I hand-tied this with a nice turquoise.
I think part of my inspiration for these quilts has been this book I found at a thrift store.
It was published in the 70's if you can't tell from the pics. One of the things I love about old books is the style...awesome!
I have a request for a new comforter for our bed, so I better get started before I'm over this little quilting kick.

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