Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Patio decisions

So here is our little front patio area cleaned out and kind of a blank slate. Most of the time this space also houses bikes and wagons, but I put it all back into the garage where it's supposed to stay and then took my pictures. The patio furniture was rescued from a dumpster. This is actually a funny/heart warming story. I spotted the furniture stacked up next to and sticking out of a dumpster behind some apartments in a shady part of town. The crazy thrift store/ flea market lover that I am could not let this amazing 'find' go. We were in our first home and in need of some patio furniture. I managed to pull one chair out of the dumpster and I think the other chair was already out. The long bench and 2 tables were still stuck in the dumpster and unless I was actually going to hop in and try to wrestle it out I was not going to be able to get it out. I decided I would try to stuff the 2 chairs in my tiny Honda Civic and send my strong husband over to do a little dumpster diving. Well, I was so involved with trying every angle and every opening of my car to try to get these heavy chairs (they are way heavier than they look) into my car, I had not noticed that I had attracted a little attention. I was startled by a man's voice right behind me. I whirled around to what I like to refer to as 'an outdoors man'. I have no idea what he asked and I have no idea what I said but I just remember mumbling something about the furniture, and leaving it all behind as I sped away. Remember -back street, shady part of town. I somehow convinced my husband to stop on his way home from work to get my 'find'. He is the best! He arrived home with all pieces to the set. When I asked if he had to hop in to get the furniture out, he said it was all stacked right outside of the dumpster. I know it was the friendly outdoors man who had scared 10 years from my life. Just for the record, this was a long time ago, pre-kids. I'm not saying for sure, but I probably wouldn't have tried that with babies on board.
My freshly planted window boxes and my weeds in the larger containers.
I'm not sure what I am going to do with the cushion situation. Right now a thrifted sheet is over the cushions on this one. I might make new covers for each individual cushion or just leave it with the sheet. It might be easier for washing purposes with just the sheet. I know I definitely want to get a bunch of throw pillows to make it a little more comfortable. I also love the look of outdoor areas with rugs. Hmmm...
Sometimes it is hard to get pictures of these two together, so I have to snap away when I can.

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